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Matthew McKnight is an emerging artist working primarily in photography. His constructed imagery explores the American imagination and other themes related to the complexity of the 21st century. His practice involves pushing the boundaries of photography towards the visuals of imaginative painters.


McKnight shoots most of his images digitally. He carefully constructs many of his scenes and often captures a single scene countless different times in order to perfect all components of the image. He uses a range of elements which can be adjusted in post-production to achieve effects similar to those previously only possible within the medium of painting. 


McKnight was born in 1992 in the small town of Cambridge, OH and grew up there among the foothills of Appalachia. He spent time working in the U.S. House of Representatives during high school and was present for many decisive moments including the divisive debate and vote over Obamacare. After college, he moved to Bengaluru, India for half a year in search of discovery and opportunity in the eastern world. He cites both of these experiences as being formative to the worldview that plays into his work. His work has also been influenced by the death of his father by suicide after a quiet, prolonged struggle with mental illness.


After returning from India, McKnight moved to Nashville, TN and began working at an eCommerce startup in the bookselling industry and was soon named the company's president. In this capacity, he met the heir to the photographer Jim Marshall's estate and was inspired by a conversation with her to begin exploring photography himself.


McKnight's photography is self-taught. He considers himself a current student in self-taught photography art school.

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