Artists are pushed to play by a set of rules, especially in the digital age. Instagram feeds have to have a consistent aesthetic. Works have to show a cohesive vision over time. Only the best work should ever see the light of day. There’s truth in the rules, but they can also constrain creativity. This page is my small antidote. I make lots of images outside my body of work simply for the love of image-making. This is a collection of assorted photos with no curation or organization. They’re images that I want to memorialize somewhere, but that don't fit into any series. They span nearly all genres of photography. Many are experimental images and many are imperfect. Some are outtakes or failed ideas. Many depict people I love (others show people I never met). Some were made for a specific purpose, others just for fun. The only thing they all have in common is that I like them and I want to preserve them, either because they represent a memory for me or because they remind me of an experiment or style that helped move me forward.